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ClutterClarity can work with you anywhere in the world via phone or Skype coaching, and hands-on in your home in MetroWest Boston, primarily in Acton, Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Brookline, Cambridge, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Maynard, Medford, Needham, Newton, Stow, Sudbury, Watertown, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston and Winchester, Massachusetts.



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Recent Successes

Helped client decide how to revise her will before her 80th birthday   Organized senior living apartment, donated truckload of belongings Taught 30 year old time management  and prioritizing skills so she can enjoy her days more Decluttered home, trashed 10 bags of broken toys Shopped for furniture, set up beautiful bedroom Organized office, papers for client’s divorce Facilitated family communications, managed downsize and move, set-up of new apartment for senior couple Decluttered, organized home to make room for 2nd baby.

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Laura, you are the light in the tunnel.

 Stephanie R., Littleton, MA 


Any professional organizer or move manager knows how to get things done. With ClutterClarity you get more...


Laura Moore, M.Ed.
Principal of ClutterClarity, LLC

Our Premise

With the right support, it's possible to:

  • Trust your decisions.
  • Know what to do with your stuff.
  • Get and stay motivated.
  • Make time with a realistic plan.
  • Work efficiently.
  • Prevent feeling overwhelmed.


What if you could get everything done...
without the the stress or struggle - forever?



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Our Guarantee

ClutterClarity guarantees you'll enjoy our process, not just the results. Getting help with the physical work is only part of the solution. A realistic plan, knowing good options, and a clear pathway through the mess are essential. Whether we do the work for you or with you, what was once difficult can be made easier, even enjoyable when you feel confident.


Our Unique, Integrated Approach:

We design our approach to fit your unique needs. For sustainable relief from the mess and stress, we can blend a customized coaching program into the physical work.
  1. Emotional Management: Removing your unique emotional or logistical barriers to doing the work.
  2. Time Management: Making and protecting your time for your project.
  3. Stuff Management: Supporting you to do what's right for you each step of the way.

While we complete your current project, you'll discover that decluttering and organizing can be done with ease, even enjoyment - forever.



We cannot fully express our gratitude for the love, respect and care you showed our mother. You guided us through all the downsizing decisions, and managed the move with steady insight and skill. You made the whole process more than possible; you made it rewarding!  

 Mark Schafer, Acton, MA
Adult son of senior parent


Our Process

Everyone is different, so no project is the same. Sometimes it's all about the physical work; sometimes coaching is a significant part the project. Collaborations can last 3 hours, days, weeks, months, or even 3 years. The ClutterClarity Team can do all the physical work for you, with you, or Laura can coach you via phone/Skype wherever you live.

50% of our happy clients make progress on their own
with Laura's phone/Skype coaching!


Everything becomes easier with Laura Moore, M.Ed., Principal of ClutterClarity in Concord, MA (Metro-West Boston, Massachusetts):    

✓ deciding (what to do with all your stuff)
✓ decluttering (papers, kid’s stuff, inheritances …)
✓ organizing (closets, kitchens, garages, offices…)
✓ downsizing (for a move or to simplify your life)
✓ moving (with your peace of mind)


I awoke today for the first time in many months feeling light and able to face the day. THANK YOU for your support and guidance. I can't believe I felt so different after only ONE session. 

 Kay R., Arlington, MA
Self-employed, married mother of two


The First Step

We all have projects we don't want to do or don't know how to do... or can't get done despite our best efforts.

You can get started or unstuck today!

Email ClutterClarity NOW to schedule a 1/2-hour FREE phone session with Laura. Find out if you're a good fit with Laura's unique professional approach, rare intuition and good humor. You'll be glad you did! 

It's amazing what you can accomplish in a 1/2-hour with the right help.

No obligations, just insightful counsel from someone with years of experience helping people stay in balance.

(Everyone needs help from time to time. Laura's guidance and 15 years experience can be all yours!)  

Services: Professional Home Organizer | Downsizing Facilitator | Senior Move Manager | Time and Stress Management Coach