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ClutterClarity can work with you anywhere in the U.S. via phone or Skype coaching, and hands-on in your home in MetroWest Boston, primarily in Acton, Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Brookline, Cambridge, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Maynard, Medford, Needham, Newton, Stow, Sudbury, Watertown, Wayland, Winchester and Weston, Massachusetts.




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 Paper Clarity shows you what to keep, where, and when to shred

Paper Clarity:
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Recent Successes

Helped client decide how to revise her will before her 80th birthday   Organized senior living apartment, donated truckload of belongings Taught 30 year old time management  and prioritizing skills so she can enjoy her days more Decluttered home, trashed 10 bags of broken toys Shopped for furniture, set up beautiful bedroom Organized office, papers for client’s divorce Facilitated family communications, managed downsize and move, set-up of new apartment for senior couple Decluttered, organized home to make room for 2nd baby.

I’m much more comfortable taking charge of my time now. Embracing new habits, actively prioritizing my to-do lists… What a difference to my day!

Jessica H., Stow, MA


Time Management Finesse


With your days full of worry and too much, how can you
ever get to decluttering, organizing, downsizing or moving?



Are you tired of rushing to get everything done, grinding through the week? Exhausted at the end of the day? 

Good organizing products, office systems, and calendars are not enough to get long-lasting relief!   


Good time management is great stress management.

It's easy to procrastinate when you're already feeling squeezed by too much, but we all know making time is one of the first steps to getting stuff done. Hard to do when you're flying through your days, or feel overwhelemed, right? 

Remove the "hard" in your day by learning how to consistently put yourself in a position of power to choose what's best for you first. Imagine simply moving through your day without the struggle and hurry!


Be productive without procrastination; responsible without resentment.

ClutterClarity's unique, integrated approach - emotional management, time management, and stuff management - provides immediate relief no matter your life circumstances.   

Time management isn't one more thing for you to do; it's an incredibly creative way to "design your days" on your own terms.


Knowing what to do is one thing, making time to do it is another. Enjoying doing it is the best. 

You may be a busy parent, an entrepeneur, or caring for your elderly parents...

Get the systems and support we all need to practice good time management tips, create a comfortable rhythm with new habits, and bring sustainable balance into your life at work and at home.  

With Laura, you'll enjoy yourself, even with a lot of work ahead of you.


E-mail Laura or CALL NOW: 978-704-1897 for 1/2-hour FREE phone session. A great way to find out if ClutterClarity is right for you!