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ClutterClarity can work with you anywhere in the world remotely or hands-on in your home in MetroWest Boston, primarily in Acton, Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Brookline, Cambridge, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Maynard, Medford, Needham, Newton, Stow, Sudbury, Watertown, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston and Winchester, Massachusetts.

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Recent Successes

Helped client decide how to revise her will before her 80th birthday   Organized senior living apartment, donated truckload of belongings Taught 30 year old time management  and prioritizing skills so she can enjoy her days more Decluttered home, trashed or donated 10 bags of broken toys Shopped for furniture, set up beautiful bedroom Organized office, papers for client’s divorce Facilitated family communications, managed downsize and move, set-up of new apartment for senior couple Decluttered, organized home to make room for 2nd baby.


3 Great Options to Sell Clothes Clutter


Consigning used clothes can be a pain in the neck, schlepping or waiting months for an in-store appointment to drop off your clothes. It’s frustrating and counter-productive. Instead of waiting, people often end up donating the clothes just to get the clutter out of the house. 

Of course, donating is good, but according to the Environmental Protection Agency, 85% of donated clothes end up in a landfill. Knowing this, people feel discouraged instead of proud.

Three great options to sell your clothes clutter, easier and faster:

Since 2009, Eileen Fisher’s Renew Program has taken back over 1M garments from their customers. The garments are cleaned, mended, re-sewn, felted, over-dyed and re-sold. Their “Tiny Factory” re-purposes stained clothes into new clothes, art pieces, and even furniture. Drop off your clothes at stores or mail them in to get $5 per garment rewards card.

The world’s largest online marketplace buys and sells women and kids secondhand clothes and accessories.

You can choose a “payout” to yourself or donate the cash you earn to their Charity Partners (Help Mother Out, Girls Inc., Wardrobe for Opportunities, Big Brother Big Sister, Feeding America), and get a tax receipt. In 2018, ThreadUP donated nearly $80,000 to charity!

Order a shipping kit; they pay for USPS or Fedex shipping! Questions 

(Please encourage ThredUP to initiate a program for men’s clothes here. Guys need help getting rid of their clutter, too!)


Cambridge, Maynard, Reading, MA.  

New and consigned women’s fashion—a go to for modern style, classic vintage, and luxury clothing and accessories. High quality fashion at a fraction of the cost. All items are in mint condition and have a unique quality and style. 

Raspberry Beret makes consigning clothes truly enjoyable!

  • Quick appointments. You don’t need to wait months.
  • They’ll come to your home to pick-up your clothes. 
  • You can buy online!
  • Gorgeous stores, friendly staff, and they play fantastic music. It’s hard to leave!

Getting Free of Clutter Stress

Friday Flicks #11: You may know what to do with your stuff, but it’s so much harder when procrastination, frustration or overwhelm get in the way, right? Learn specific steps on how to clear the emotional mess and do the physical work of decluttering and downsizing in greater comfort and ease. Upcoming ClutterClarity webinars offer even more understanding and skills.

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ClutterClarity is Hiring

Job Title: Assistant to Professional Home Organizer, Move Manager and Productivity Coach, Laura Moore, M.Ed., Principal of ClutterClarity LLC.

Job Description: ClutterClarity helps people declutter, organize, downsize or move. You’ll be directly involved with a project’s physical work so progress can be made with greater ease and efficiency. You will be working by Laura Moore’s side, observing and learning her unique, integrated approach, including essential emotional and time management skills we all need when decluttering and organizing our life and homes. Gradually, you will work independently with clients. You will also assist Laura with running her business in any way necessary, especially helping to implement the company’s online marketing strategies.

Growth Opportunities:

  • Learning ClutterClarity’s unique integrated process for decluttering, organizing, downsizing and moving
  • Learning Essential Life Skills: emotional management, time management, clutter/stuff management, communication and negotiation skills
  • Learning Entrepreneurial Skills: running a business as a “solopreneur,” customer relations, marketing
  • Possibility to become an Associate of ClutterClarity LLC, leader and trainer

Employment Process:

  • Trial period: 30 days, at which point we decide if we’re a good fit.
  • Intern: 60-90 days, including trial period $15/hour.
  • Assistant: $20/hour, negotiable.


  • Follow Laura’s direction, especially when working with clients
  • Engage in the physical work of decluttering, organizing, downsizing or moving
  • Deliver donations, pick up supplies, etc.
  • Facilitate marketing strategies via social media
  • Research topics of interest and resources
  • Respect client’s house, space, stuff, and emotional process
  • Keep clients’ information and ClutterClarity’s process confidential
  • Respect time, and be on time
  • Represent ClutterClarity LLC with pride


  • Mature18 years old or older 
  • Innate enthusiasm for organizing, taking care of homes, design, beauty, and people 
  • Competent social media skills (Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Podcast) 
  • Basic computer skills (must have a lap top (mac preferred)) 
  • Must have a car or truck 
  • Able to comfortably respond to the unpredictable 
  • No criminal record

Ideal Characteristics:

  • Firm personal boundaries 
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Able to take initiative 
  • Thoughtful, perceptive 
  • Innate interpersonal skills with a wide variety of people 
  • Desire to learn


20+ hours per week, some weekends, no nights. Half days (3-4 hours) and full days (6 hours typically).  We can set specific days and hours per week, but flexibility is essential to fit clients’ specific needs week to week. We will make a schedule every two weeks to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. Must live near Concord, MA.

To Apply: please send an email to Look forward to connecting soon. Thank you for your interest.


Alice's Story: Turning Clutter into Art

Friday Flicks #10: This charming video features Laura helping Alice "get rid of" her collection of cherished vintage dresses before moving to a continued care retirement community. Instead of selling or donating the dresses, Laura finds a happy solution through artist, Merill Comeau, so Alice can bring them to her new home. Instead of feeling loss or regret, Alice could enjoy the downsizing process and results for years to come and get clutter clarity.

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It's Getting Hot! New Book in the Works


It’s July … Six months till January 1, 2019. I know what it takes to get through big projects, but this one is mine: writing a proposal to get a publisher for my new book, It’s Your Mess, But Not All Your Fault. I've been talking about writing this book for a long time, but glad I waited as I've gained valuable experience over the years. Now to get into the hot seat and enjoy the writing.

Over 1,000 new You Tube subscribers in the past 45 days! Why is this important? 10,000 subscribers by 1/1/19 will demonstrate a following that will help attract a publisher. People are loving the videos. Maybe you will too. I humbly ask for your support.

The last thing we need is another book on organizing and decluttering tips, right!?

Instead, this book will be full of original info-graphics and decision-making flow charts to help you navigate through the mess and stress. They have all been tested through 10 years of working with happy clients. Tips will be included, but what we all need is clear pathways to embrace an essential new way of thinking, and essential skills to persevere. Only then can the physical work of taking care of our homes and lives become easier, even enjoyable.

Intelligent, capable people get bogged down because the decluttering and organizing tips are not enough. It’s much easier to get to the stuff when you first learn: How to get ready properly • How to make and trust your decisions • How to make and protect your time • How to prevent overwhelm • How to get family cooperation • How to negotiate • How to move out of shame and confusion - forever! These life skills last a life time.

Stay tuned, and thanks for staying connected. Take a look, and thank you so much for subscribing!

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