My 50 Year Old Ice Tray is NOT Clutter
Monday, August 26, 2019 at 9:13AM
Laura J. Moore


I am so glad that Marie Kondo has expanded the decluttering conversation beyond quick tips and organizing strategies by emphasizing the emotional experience of Joy and Respect.

We all know taking care of our homes and lives is an emotional experience, so finally! “Spark Joy” is now part of the American lexicon, used in all contexts of life, not just when decluttering our homes. 

Yet… “Joy” is not enough to comfortably decide what to keep or let go. To make a fully-informed decision, we need criteria that blends the emotional mind with the rational mind.  

Looking at an object from four perspectives - four criteria - cuts through the complexity of you (your preferences, your personality, and priorities, your history, your goals) to clarity. A good decision is one without regret.

Here is an example of a ClutterClarity Graphic Lesson - the graphic tools I give clients to facilitate their decisions and process.


New way of thinking: The goal is not to get rid of stuff as fast as possible; the goal is to have an enjoyable experience while taking care of your home, time and life. Why? When you're enjoying yourself, you get more done. 

What is true for you NOWYou don’t need to answer "yes" to all criteria, but once you have considered them all, which way are you leaning? You want to keep what adds true value to your present life.

This old metal ice tray is mine to keep! In most homes it would be clutter; in mine it is a treasure. I love it. It reminds me of when I was young, my father making drinks after work - scotch on the rocks for him; gin and tonic for my mother. Beyond the emotions, it comfortably fits into my current lifestyle because it fits into my collection of old household items made out of metal. I have space for it to fit comfortably in my home. I don't use it. Reflecting on the four criteria makes it a keeper. 

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