Clutter-Blind, Procrastination, Forgetting
Monday, August 26, 2019 at 9:57AM
Laura J. Moore
Do you feel chronically stuck or overwhelmed by too much in your home, calendar or life?

Common responses to "too much:" 
All are legitimate responses to “too much.”
Their intention is good: To protect you from feeling worse after another failed attempt.


1. Notice Without the Judgement: Nothing is wrong, except that you feel bad. You don't need to make you or it wrong to make it better.

2. Understanding: This work is complex, requiring a new way of thinking and four life skills.

All of my clients can do much of the physical work, but are missing essential pieces of the puzzle to progress with ease, even enjoyment. That’s all. Small, accurate adjustments to what they're doing or thinking turns the drudgery into discovery. Click here to read what clients have said about their own personal transformations.

We are not meant to do everything alone.

3. Build Connection. If you are chronically clutter-blind, procrastinating or forgetting, that's evidence that it's time to reach out for help. The primary problem is not you; the problem is that alone it's too much. We all need guidance and support over time to unhinge ourselves from old ways of thinking or habits, and attach ourselves to new ones.


Real Life Story - Building a Team of Support

Organizing 4 years of back taxes 

To not habitually forget to do her taxes, my client needed an infrastructure of consistent support and accountability. She was perfectly capable of decluttering and organizing paperwork once she got started, and kept going.

Real Team, Real Time: 

She pre-scheduled all of these weekly sessions with a real date to complete the project. This builds the infrastructure to support her progress.

Real Consequences:
Client paid a modest amount of money for each weekly connection with her friends. If she didn’t keep her agreements, she paid the appropriate person double that week. With a support team in place, she hummed right along, working on her own, but not alone, and finished her taxes ahead of schedule!

"It is super-exciting to work, observe, implement, increase awareness, be intentional, and change my whole relationship with how I get things done. Thank you Laura!"

Joni W., Newark, NJ

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