New Service for Local Peeps
Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 8:12AM
Laura J. Moore

Ironically, the Marie Kondo craze has fueled such a decluttering frenzy that the very women it has motivated are now very frustrated.

Unintentionally, the craze has bottle-necked donation centers and consignment stores. Like us, they don't have the space or staff to hold our clutter. It's all too much!

Clothes, clothes, clothes! Women can't get a consignment store appointment, or when they do, many clothes are not accepted. They then have to bring their clothes somewhere to donate (nothing wrong with donating, of course, but disappointing if wanting cash for their clutter.). Or worse, schlepping back home with all the bags of clothes for them to sit around, possibly in the way for months.

Just this week, a client and I were talking (and laughing) about how surprised she was at how much her feelings were hurt when the consignment store rejected her high-end clothes. She knew this was crazy thinking, but nonetheless how she felt.

To respond to this craziness... ClutterClarity designed a new service faster than originally planned. Of course, I have been helping women declutter and organize their closets for over 15 years, but I alone can not meet the demand for our services.

Introducing our new Team Member: Amy Roy. Her organizing specialty is all things related to clothes and closets, but what makes her extra valuable is her knowledge of consignment stores, and her special connection to a fabulous consignment store, The Raspberry Beret, based in Maynard and Cambridge, MA, and Reflections in West Concord, MA.

Added benefit: With Amy's unique eye and combined talents, you'll know what clothes will be accepted for consignment, and what to donate BEFORE delivering the clothes.

Here's how Amy can help you:

Wait, wait there's more... Amy will do the schlepping for you!

Amy will take your clothes to Raspberry Beret, and set up an account for you. Or she'll take your clothes to the donation center, and get a receipt for you. DONE.

Any decluttering drudgery becomes a delight with Amy at your side!

No more wasting time and effort. No more clutter or feeling overwhelmed.
Most importantly... Enjoy organizing your closet and enjoy getting dressed every day.

In Amy's Words: "I’m so excited to be teaming up with ClutterClarity to offer this new service - one that happens to be my favorite work as a professional organizer. I want to assure you that your things and your feelings will be safe with me. All the physical work will get done smoothly and quickly, but more importantly, as Laura promises, it will all get done with your ease, even enjoyment!"

Wait, wait there's more... no worries! Amy can come back seasonally or annually to help you stay decluttered and organized.

When you work with ClutterClarity...
It's not about an item or the perfectly organized closet sparking joy. It's all about you having a joyful experience taking care of your life and home. We guarantee that you enjoy our unique process, not just the results.

P.S. This is just the beginning. ClutterClarity will be expanding this service to include other consignment stores soon.


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