ClutterClarity Reaches Milestones
Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 4:58PM
Laura J. Moore

Thank You YouTube Subscribers!

These aren't just statistics to ClutterClarity...

November 2018: Our most popular video gets 250k views
 December 2018: Reached goal of 10,000 subscribers in 9 months
February 2019: 12,000 subscribers, and growing

Your subscribing helps me help more people. Plain and simple.

To offer new services at a price that almost anyone can afford, ClutterClarity must first build a platform, create a following, and attract a publisher.


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Learn what it really takes to enjoy
decluttering, organizing, downsizing and moving.


Viewer Comments:
"Great thought-provoking ideas and principles."   "...This is one of the best decluttering videos on the Internet."    "...Wow. Perceptive, thoughtful, and empathetic. So smart."    "...Thank you! I feel better already." 


Video Description:
ClutterClarity's 3 Essentials turns your experience from "It's so hard" to "Wow, I'm actually enjoying myself."

(**The video is our most popular, but has a slow start. Recommend starting 6-7 minutes in.)  

It's good to know an object sparks joy, but ClutterClarity wants to inspire
you to go beyond that to have a joyful experience

taking care of your life and home - forever.

Every subscriber helps makes this possible.
Thank you for subscribing today! 

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