Downsizing, Moving? Reduce Your Stress!
Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 9:01AM
Laura J. Moore

Movers cool off in 90-degree heat!

The Problem: I find most people wait too long to start downsizing. They're well intentioned, but spend more months worrying than doing the work. Procrastination makes sense — an attempt to shield people from feeling overwhelmed or fear of making a mistake. Perfection delays action even more as time runs out, drowning them in a pool of anxiety. People think they should already know what to do, but moves are complicated. No move is the same.

STRESSFUL! With a deadline looming, people finally do the work fast and furiously with little time to think or decide what's best in their unique circumstances. Results: unnecessary mistakes, wasted money, exhaustion, and living with regret - the very things they wanted to avoid. 

Downsizing Tips: Start decluttering/downsizing when you START to THINK about moving. Give yourself 12-18 months if you can, and build a 2-4 hour weekly routine to pace yourself. Finish decluttering before you get a realtor or at least a month or two before you stage your home for an open house. This way the stress of decluttering does not run directly into the stress of selling your home. You'll have time to just enjoy being in your home before moving. 

We’re not meant to do everything alone.

  • Sherpas to climb Mt. Everest.
  • Midwives to deliver babies.
  • ClutterClarity to enjoy downsizing and a move. 
When to Ask for Help?
You know you need help when you're repeatedly frustrated or chronically overwhelmed, despite your efforts. Or when fear grips you when you look at your calendar, not knowing how you're going to get everything done.

Everything is easier with an experienced "guide at your side."
Years of experience are yours: a clear process, customized plan with priorities and a realistic timeline, quick solutions to unpredictable problems, and good strategies to make decisions and protect your resources (time, money, and energy). With all this in place, the physical labor naturally becomes easier, even enjoyable.  

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