ClutterClarity is Hiring
Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 3:20PM
Laura J. Moore

Job Title: Assistant to Professional Home Organizer, Move Manager and Productivity Coach, Laura Moore, M.Ed., Principal of ClutterClarity LLC.

Job Description: ClutterClarity helps people declutter, organize, downsize or move. You’ll be directly involved with a project’s physical work so progress can be made with greater ease and efficiency. You will be working by Laura Moore’s side, observing and learning her unique, integrated approach, including essential emotional and time management skills we all need when decluttering and organizing our life and homes. Gradually, you will work independently with clients. You will also assist Laura with running her business in any way necessary, especially helping to implement the company’s online marketing strategies.

Growth Opportunities:

Employment Process:



Ideal Characteristics:


20+ hours per week, some weekends, no nights. Half days (3-4 hours) and full days (6 hours typically).  We can set specific days and hours per week, but flexibility is essential to fit clients’ specific needs week to week. We will make a schedule every two weeks to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. Must live near Concord, MA.

To Apply: please send an email to Look forward to connecting soon. Thank you for your interest.

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