It's Getting Hot! New Book in the Works
Monday, July 23, 2018 at 8:56AM
Laura J. Moore


It’s July … Six months till January 1, 2019. I know what it takes to get through big projects, but this one is mine: writing a proposal to get a publisher for my new book, It’s Your Mess, But Not All Your Fault. I've been talking about writing this book for a long time, but glad I waited as I've gained valuable experience over the years. Now to get into the hot seat and enjoy the writing.

Over 1,000 new You Tube subscribers in the past 45 days! Why is this important? 10,000 subscribers by 1/1/19 will demonstrate a following that will help attract a publisher. People are loving the videos. Maybe you will too. I humbly ask for your support.

The last thing we need is another book on organizing and decluttering tips, right!?

Instead, this book will be full of original info-graphics and decision-making flow charts to help you navigate through the mess and stress. They have all been tested through 10 years of working with happy clients. Tips will be included, but what we all need is clear pathways to embrace an essential new way of thinking, and essential skills to persevere. Only then can the physical work of taking care of our homes and lives become easier, even enjoyable.

Intelligent, capable people get bogged down because the decluttering and organizing tips are not enough. It’s much easier to get to the stuff when you first learn: How to get ready properly • How to make and trust your decisions • How to make and protect your time • How to prevent overwhelm • How to get family cooperation • How to negotiate • How to move out of shame and confusion - forever! These life skills last a life time.

Stay tuned, and thanks for staying connected. Take a look, and thank you so much for subscribing!

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