Paper Clarity: What to Keep, Where, and When to Shred
Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 11:53AM
Laura J. Moore
Now what do you do with all those papers?

No more wasting time or worrying. Know what to do with over 100 personal legal, financial and medical documents and records.
Its beauty is in its brevity - concise, yet comprehensive.
  • Easy to understand chart of documents and records. 
  • 20 valuable organizing tips.
  • Diagrams to clarify taxes and audits. 


We all need this information whether we have clutter or not. 


"Paper Clarity is great for anyone who wants to get organized with less worry. I use it and happily recommend it to my clients."
Rebecca Osbourne, A Spacious Place 
Past President, New England Association of Professional Organizers 


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