Brilliant Solution to Clothes Clutter - Rent, Return, Share
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 6:12PM
Laura J. Moore

Rent the Runway is another great example of how Americans are preventing clutter accumulation and financial waste. It's all part of the fast-growing trend of the Sharing Economy   

My New York City client raves about this service.

Real Life ClutterClarity Story
Rose called me up after watching my videos on the ClutterClarity YouTube channel. She had lost a lot of weight, had more to lose, and was getting married in just a few months! Rose wanted to "make room for her fiancé!" (Just love that.)  Weekly phone coaching sessions helped her learn how to declutter her overstuffed clothes closet with ease - in the limited time that she had. While on the phone together, Rose went through her clothes, one category at a time. With all the wedding plans, our collaboration expanded to include emotional and time management skill-building so she could organize/manage her to-do lists and calendar without feeling overwhelmed. Only when she sent me gorgeous wedding photos did I see the magnificent woman I had the privilege of working with. 

Rent the Runway
Rose loves looking great every day. With Rent the Runway, she could click her heels down the sidewalk, free of worry. Brilliantly, as she lost 60 pounds, she rented (and returned) clothes and the special dresses for her wedding events. She saved tons of money and time, and prevented impulsive shopping in stores. Her husband is really happy, too! All the money that would have gone into clothes is money saved for their new house. Our collaboration now shifts to helping her navigate house hunting and moving. A happy, uncluttered ending to a storybook wedding. 

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