Feeling Right at Home
Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 11:30AM
Laura J. Moore in Declutter Your House


A frustrated client thought moving would solve the trouble with her house. Everything seemed wrong to her and she rarely invited people over. She "wanted out of her messy house." What I saw was a nice house with potential. She needed to make the social rooms more comfortable, and get a proper desk and file storage.

We sold and bought furniture on consignment and rearranged the rooms and decor. In two visits, she eased into a cozy chair, and put her feet up.

We next got to work in creating new space for her home office. While we cleared, I showed her what papers to keep, what to shred, and how.  Though she felt buried by her papers, there wasn't as many as she first thought.

What a relief! The house looked and felt great, and she had a party to celebrate. Without “getting rid of” her house, she felt right at home.



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