When Good Enough is Not Enough 
Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 1:39PM
Laura J. Moore in Getting Rid of Clutter


One client loved cooking, yet had only a small, odd assortment of pots and pans. Another client didn’t like to cook, yet had numerous pots and pans, yet all were old and dented.

Fortunately both women laughed as they described their cookware as "good enough." 

Both homes were clean, even beautiful. Both women were productive and self-aware. And both were recovering from serious illness, requiring careful, healthy food preparation.

The cookware wasn't good enough anymore - it may have at one time, but now it didn't fit they're current aesthetic or the importance food had become in their present need to heal.  It had become clutter.

We cleared out most of the cookware, and voila! Lots of room for new stuff. We took an inventory, deciding what really was needed now. One woman shopped at a high-end kitchen store, the other at a high-end consignment shop.

After de-cluttering, we organized the cabinets to make it easy to reach and use the pots and pans. No more struggle!

Now the minute they touch the pan they love, they feel good, contributing their enjoyment of cooking and healing. Now good enough is enough.

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