Good Intentions Gone Bad
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at 5:21PM
Laura J. Moore in Getting Rid of Clutter

In principal, it's a great idea to donate your clutter to an organization or a friend, but do so with awareness.

Every good intention takes your precious time and energy. Without planning, all your good intentions can get stuck for weeks at your front door or in your car, which can be very frustrating, and make you feel bad.  

Ask yourself whether it is worth your effort: holding the intention, calling to make donation arrangements, schleping it into the car, making time to deliver it. 

To use your time and energy well, call ahead to ask whether they take what you have to give, and what days they take donations. Clear your clutter the day before and make a weekly routine, clearly a little bit at a time. If giving your stuff away to a friend, ask first. You don't want to add to their clutter just because they dont know how to say, "No thanks."  

With awareness and planning, you'll ge the clutter out of your house, and prevent feeling overwhelmed by your pile of good intentions.

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