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ClutterClarity can work with you anywhere in the U.S. via phone or Skype coaching, and hands-on in your home in MetroWest Boston, primarily in Acton, Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Brookline, Cambridge, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Maynard, Medford, Needham, Newton, Stow, Sudbury, Watertown, Wayland, Winchester and Weston, Massachusetts.



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Recent Successes

Helped client decide how to revise her will before her 80th birthday   Organized senior living apartment, donated truckload of belongings Taught 30 year old time management  and prioritizing skills so she can enjoy her days more Decluttered home, trashed 10 bags of broken toys Shopped for furniture, set up beautiful bedroom Organized office, papers for client’s divorce Facilitated family communications, managed downsize and move, set-up of new apartment for senior couple Decluttered, organized home to make room for 2nd baby.


ClutterClarity Goes Around the World

I'm happy - and surprised - to see my YouTube videos go around the world. Comments, subscriptions and business are coming in from across America - Nebraska, Oregon, New York, Texas, North Carolina... and France, Canada, Brazil, and even West Africa!

One video received this praise: "This is one of the best decluttering videos on the Internet."

Fortunately, I already provide Phone or Skype Coaching. 50% of my clients are happy making progress on their own, but not alone. 

The accolades are appreciated, of course, but more important to me is that they confirm that my fresh approach is actually fresh, and making a difference. I can see where to make improvement, too.

Hard to pick which video to share here, but here you go. ENJOY!

Live, humorous, interactive presentation on how to trust your decluttering decisions. Four essential criteria make it possible to navigate through the emotional attachment to items with less stress. See how one person’s clutter is another person's treasure!

Visit ClutterClarity on YouTube to watch other videos.

Thanks for subscribing; more videos are coming! Your feedback is always welcome.



How to Prevent Difficult Moves

Moves are complicated, but they don't have to be so hard!  They are made unnecessarily difficult by a lack of planning, support, and knowledge... all preventable. 

As a move manager, my work goes beyond decluttering stuff to helping clients: 
  • Create a realistic plan 
  • Build a support team (realtors, loan officer, movers, consigners, etc.)
  • Use their resources well: time, money and energy
  • Solve problems and prevent overwhelm
Feel free to call for a free 1/2 hour phone session. No obligation.

Moving Tips:
  1. Start downsizing 12-18 months before staging your home!
  2. Ask for help BEFORE you're stressed out...when you START thinking about moving.
  3. Access good information early on to make decisions easier.
If you or your friends are moving in the Greater Boston area, you'll find this Real Estate Report on the value of homes by town helpful.


Want to Enjoy Writing Your Memoir?

I am delighted Sonia Gibbons took me up on my suggestion to call Nancy Shohet West, a Boston-area journalist, editor and memoir writer.

A few months later, Sonia’s memoir was born. Her children are delighted, relieved their 96-year old mother’s story won’t be lost. 

I called Sonia to ask how it went… 

"Nancy was so polite, professional, and fun to be with. I remembered so much more because she asked all the right questions! The sad and the wonderful came back. I know myself better. She is terrific. I want her to come back for lunch.”

Nancy’s premise: everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has someone who wants to hear that story. Individuals or couples, baby boomers or Depression babies, past Olympians or community organizers… 

We all know a big project is so much harder alone, especially with life’s many distractions and demands. Why struggle and worry? With Nancy, you step into her process, and enjoy yourself:
  1. You and Nancy meet for informal interviews in person, by phone, or video chat. 
  2. Nancy drafts the interviews into a cohesive narrative. 
  3. You review and revise it until your story is the one you want to tell, and gather some favorite photos to include.
  4. A professional designer creates a beautiful book cover.
  5. Nancy puts it all together and sends it to the printer. 
You're done! Your book is ready for all - or for just a select few - to read. It's up to you. No matter your age or history, your life story is preserved in a self-published memoir - forever. 

Follow This Recipe to Simplify Your Life

In the winter especially, I like to invite friends over for a sit down meal with place mats and cloth napkins, and slow down… talking, laughing and lingering over a meal, like the olden days. 

A few weeks ago, dinner included a hot, dark-green soup, made only with green veggies, onion and garlic, garnished with tiny bits of fresh ginger and turmeric. It was a hit.  

Lots of questions: What’s the recipe? You make this soup every week? How organized of you! Emails and phone calls later flushed out details, and got me thinking about what the secret was to make cooking this soup so enjoyable. 
It wasn’t that I was so organized;
I was organized because I had a routine. 

  1. Attach a new routine to an already established weekly or daily routine. (I make my green soup on Thursday nights because my trash is routinely picked up on Friday morning.)
  2. Know and remember your intention and motivation. (Mine: eat more vegetables every day to stay healthy as I age.)
  3. Keep the tools you need easily accessible. (The Bullet and a Bench Scraper makes cooking soup easy and efficient.)
  4. Make sure the new routine takes care of at least three resources: your time, money, and energy (physical and/or emotional).
  5. If you break your routine, don't criticize yourself. Notice without judgement, make adjustments if need be, and come back to it. (If I miss a Thursday, I cook over the weekend.)

While making soup, I am doing so much more; saving time, money and feeling good:
  • Keeping the refrigerator uncluttered and organized.
  • Knowing what groceries to buy each week.  
  • Not wasting food. 
  • Enjoying a meal, hot or cold, on the road.

When you thoughtfully place a routine into your life,
your daily life becomes simpler, more enjoyable.

Green Soup Recipe
  • Sauté onion and garlic in olive oil till starting to brown. (add celery now if you want)
  • Throw in handfuls of whatever green veggies you want or need to eat soon. 
  • Add 1/2-1 potato or sweet potato for a thicker soup. 
  • Pour in one standard container of chicken or vegetable broth. Add water if you need more.  
  • Add salt and pepper
Cook until vegetables are soft. Refrigerate. Puree individual portions throughout week. Squeeze lemon into soup for extra sparkle. Makes 4-6 portions.

How To Enjoy Decluttering - The Emotional Journey of Simplifying Your Life

We all need more than quick tips to plow through the
emotionally messy work of decluttering.  

Come learn a fresh perspective and 6 essential skills we all need to reduce our stress while simplifying our home and life, especially during a major life transition. 

The emotionally messy work of decluttering and organizing our day to day can be enjoyable, even rewarding experience. When you get ready properly, you'll find getting it done isn’t so hard, after all.  Learn how to:
• Make a realistic plan • Prevent overwhelm
• Trust your decisions • Get cooperation
• Stay motivated • Make the time
No matter your unique challenges, if you're willing to learn, it's possible to do the work with ease, even enjoyment.
3-Week Class
Mondays - March 5, 12, 19, 2018
7:00 - 8:30 pm
This is an interactive, experiential class. All students will receive individual support and “Graphic Info Charts” to help them practice what they learn in between classes.
Sign up now! Attendance is limited to 25.

BONUS: Attendees receive a free PDF copy of
Paper Clarity: What to Keep, Where, and When to Shred

"Laura's decluttering workshop is the best I've ever been to!"
-- Carlisle, MA resident

Concord-Carlisle Adult and Community Education  
Concord-Carlisle High School
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*Class name in catalog is Decluttering Without Stress